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League Name Teams Scoring
Not Just Any Category  17/18 Category Scoring
ST KEVINS HAWKS  9/12 Point Scoring
Hurstbridge CC  7/8 Point Scoring
Keeper Pro V1  7/18 Category Scoring
WhaleOilBeefHooked  6/12 Category Scoring
Be Quiet Karen  5/10 Point Scoring
Shower Yourself in Glory!  3/8 Point Scoring
The Dojo  3/18 Category Scoring
Loosers League  2/12 Point Scoring
OJ! Morphine! Lobo!  2/14 Category Scoring
Josh's League  1/12 Point Scoring
Elli's League  1/12 Point Scoring
Josh's League  1/12 Point Scoring
THE League !  1/12 Point Scoring
Mock draft  1/12 Point Scoring
Grant's League  1/10 Point Scoring
Category Cup  1/10 Category Scoring
wayde's League  1/8 Point Scoring

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