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Game Help

Welcome to Ultimate Footy

Welcome to Ultimate Footy

Here you'll find all of the information you'll ever need about playing Ultimate Footy. Get information on each area of the game works, read through the detailed game information available here, as well as the Frequently Asked Questions at the top of each section which provide answers to some of the most popular queries about the competition.

You can also always Contact Us if you have any further questions and feedback.

How to Play

  • Ultimate Footy is a draft-style fantasy AFL game that gives you complete control over how you play. The first step is to join or create a league with friends who you'll compete head-to-head with for the league premiership.

  • All leagues kick off the season with an interactive player draft. You assume the role of an AFL selector, going pick for pick against the other coaches in your league to draft the best team possible. Once a player is drafted no-one else can pick him, so make your selections wisely!

  • Once you've drafted your team you'll play off against the other teams in your league. For each round of the AFL season you'll be matched up against another coach, putting your real coaching skills to the test.

  • From your squad of players you'll be required to pick a starting lineup that will represent your team on match day. The real-life performance of these players will earn stats for your fantasy team. The aim of the game is to beat your opponent by accumulating more points or stats than they do.

  • Over the season you'll have to deal with injuries to players and form slumps. This is where the Player Market comes in. You'll be in charge of making the tough calls - delisting under-performers and replacing them with in form unowned players.

  • Sometimes trades will be required to help bolster certain positions on your team. Through trading, you can improve your team by proposing a swap of players with another coach in your league. Nothing beats negotiating a big trade with one of your fellow coaches and pulling the trigger on a blockbuster deal!

  • At the end of the season the top teams in your league will play off in a finals series to determine the holy grail of bragging rights - the league premiership! Even if you don't make the premiership finals the bottom teams will still play off for a consolation finals cup.

The Ultimate Footy difference

The biggest difference between Ultimate Footy and other fantasy AFL games is that a draft is used to pick your team rather than a salary cap. This means that only one person in your league can own each player, so if you own the leagues best player no-one else can! This makes the game much more like the real thing and you really get to "own" your players.

However it's not only is it the draft-style element that sets Ultimate Footy apart. We also offer an unrivaled degree of customisation to give you complete control over your league rules. It's easy to change settings such as squad sizes, scoring formula and number of trades among many more options.

Here's just a few features that set us apart from the competition:

  • Three different ways to run your draft - something to suit everyone.
  • Highly customisable settings let you play by your own rules.
  • Mobile responsive site lets you manage your team on the go.

Want More Info?

For more information about the various parts of the game such as the draft, signing and trading players, finals and more please read the relavent pages of this help section.

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