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Scoring Systems

Ultimate Footy provides two different methods of scoring for you to chose from:


Point based scoring involves the players on your team being awarded a set number of fantasy points for every stat they earn in their real life AFL games. The aim of the game is to have a higher total number of fantasy points than your opponent. This method of fantasy is currently the most popular in Australia.

Unlike most fantasy games, Ultimate Footy gives you the ability to customise how many points you award for each stat earned. So if you want to give more weight to a certain stat, or don't like a stat and want to remove it all together now you can!

View your league settings to see what points formula your league uses.


Category based scoring system is based on the hugely popular American fantasy sports games and creates a much more dynamic game for the coaches involved. Teams go head to head each week to out score their opponent in as many of the 9 statistical categories as possible. The team who wins the most categories wins the match.

Similar to the Point Scoring method, the players selected in each teams' starting lineup gather stats based on their real life AFL performances every weekend. These stats are then totaled up in each of the nine different scoring categories and compared to their opponents' totals to determine who had the highest total score. Whichever team out scores their opponent in more categories is credited with winning the match.

If you've never ventured outside of other fantasy games and are unfamiliar with American fantasy sports games then you've probably got more than a few questions, so let us explain the benefits of the Category scoring system...

With ordinary point scoring system the aim of the game is simple, just pick players who score the most fantasy points. It is very one dimensional and picking players requires little thought outside of is this player undervalued and do they score enough points . Everything has been standardised so there is only one number to consider.

By using a category based scoring system the game becomes 9 dimensional and allows for much more strategy to be used. Here you have the freedom to build a team to play whichever way you want! With the use of a draft and the ability to trade with other teams, you are able to pick and trade your way to a team that suits your style.

View your league settings to see what points formula your league uses.


The exact scoring formula can be customised to suit your league, whether you are playing a category-based or points-based league.

The league manager can change the formula anytime before the draft.

Note that in Public leagues, only the standard Ultimate Footy scoring formula is available.

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